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He’s the one I call Dr. Tailbone

I’m about to go see my chiropractor Dr. Mark. I like this guy. He puts me in weird positions and on tables and snaps me here and there. You should see what he has done for my hips.

When I first walked into his office, my right hip was way lower than my left. I have no idea how long it had been like that. I wasn’t even there for him to treat that.

I was there for the pain in my tailbone that I’ve had for MONTHS that wouldn’t (still won’t) allow me to sit for any length of time without experiencing pain.

If you don’t think not being able to sit for long lengths of time doesn’t suck, you are wrong.

It’s sucks hard.

Anyway, this guy is currently manipulating my coccyx which is hanging off to the damn left.

I’m hoping I go in there today, after my PT session last week, and he goes:

Hey! This tailbone is back where it belongs. Whaddya know.

I actually feel better. Not perfect, mind you. But I can sit easier. And my sitz bone on the right side and the muscle there no longer tingles and feels puffed up.

These are large improvements.

Of course, now that I’m reading all this emotional pain causes physical pain stuff, who knows if I really need the chiro or the PT.

One thing is for damn sure–I’m sticking with all of it til the pain is


Gotta go get ready to split.

In the meantime, here’s a little song about doctors and feeling good.


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