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date with a neurologist

We have an appointment with a veterinarian neurologist tomorrow morning for Penny Lane.

I called two different facilities our regular vet recommended yesterday. The first place I called wanted to keep her over night and do all kinds of tests. The second place said to bring her on in and before we do any testing they’d help us find better anticonvulsant medication for her. If that doesn’t work, we will discuss doing tests.

We all like the sound of the second place better, especially Penny who has been frightened to go to the vet ever since December when she had to go and spend a few nights at a hospital where she had surgery to remove a sock she had eaten from her intestines.

That was really fun.

Anyway, I think Bill and I are feeling better about this whole puppy epilepsy thing. Penn will be in more capable hands with a specialist.

Here’s to hoping to getting the seizures under control! That would bring us a step closer back to our usually serene home.

Here’s a shot of me and Penny yesterday—right after she had another small tremor.

Little girl, we’re going to fix you right up.


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